Snymans Inc Caterpillar Foundation: Inspiring the Next Generation for a Better Future

The Snymans Caterpillar Foundation NPC hosted an educational field day to inspire Cape Town youth.

April 10, 2024

On a beautiful day at Kirstenbosch Gardens, the Snymans Caterpillar Foundation NPC, launched in 2022 by Snymans Inc, hosted an educational field day for a group of Sixteen- and Seventeen-year-olds from Luhlaza Secondary School in Khayelitsha. The event aimed to promote biodiversity awareness and inspire the youth to dream big while making a positive impact on the world. Through their three-pronged approach of Education, Environmental Sustainability, and Poverty Alleviation, Snymans Inc and its foundation are committed to giving back to local communities. 

The day began with an intriguing question asked by Sophia De Klerk, a Conveyancer at Snymans Inc Hermanus, "What day is today?" Sophia's response, "The first day of the rest of your life!" left both young and old attendees captivated. It set the stage for an empowering experience that encouraged the students to recognise their potential and embrace opportunities.

Snymans Inc launched the Snymans Caterpillar Foundation NPC in 2022 with a clear vision. The foundation focuses on three key areas: Education, Environmental Sustainability, and Poverty Alleviation. By addressing these interconnected issues, Snymans Inc aims to positively impact society and contribute to a better future for all.

As part of their commitment to education, the foundation has enrolled 12 young individuals through the Y.E.S Program, an initiative that provides employment opportunities and skills development. From the previous intake of 12 candidates, five were permanently employed within Snymans Inc, demonstrating the foundation's dedication to nurturing talent and fostering long-term career prospects.

Snymans Inc recognises the importance of environmental conservation and sustainability. In 2022, the foundation planted 126 trees to offset the 57 trees used by Snymans Inc in their operations throughout the year. This environmental initiative showcases their commitment to responsible business practices and their determination to give back to the environment.

Poverty alleviation is another crucial aspect of Snymans Caterpillar Foundation's mission. By creating employment opportunities and supporting local communities, Snymans Inc aims to uplift disadvantaged individuals and help break the cycle of poverty. Through initiatives like the Y.E.S Program, they provide valuable skills and opportunities for personal growth.

During the educational field day, Sophia De Klerk addressed the group at Kirstenbosch Gardens, asking them about their dreams. Her message was clear: "Whatever you want to achieve in life starts with a dream." This powerful statement aimed to instil hope and inspire the young participants to believe in their abilities and pursue their aspirations.

Before the students immersed themselves in the gardens and educational activities, they were left with a resounding message: "It does not matter your colour, religion, or language; we have one goal—to make the world a better place! And it starts with ME! You are the next generation to make a change!" This call to action highlighted the importance of unity, regardless of individual differences, in driving positive change for a brighter future.

Through the Snymans Caterpillar Foundation NPC, Snymans Inc is making a significant difference in the lives of young individuals and local communities. By focusing on education, environmental sustainability, and poverty alleviation, the foundation is creating a platform for growth, empowerment, and positive change. As the next generation embraces their dreams and works towards a better world, Snymans Inc continues to be a driving force behind their journey.